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Posted on: October 10, 2017

CIP Monthly Status Report – August 2017

Digester Flaring
In August, 17 CIP projects progressed through the feasibility/development, design, and bid/award stages. Alternatives analysis work continued for the Aeration Tanks Rehabilitation, Digested Sludge Dewatering Facility, and Facility-wide Water Systems Improvements projects.

Conceptual design work continued on the Nitrification Clarifiers Rehabilitation Project with additional condition assessment work being carried out on the return-activated sludge pipelines. Design also continued on the Advanced Facility Control and Meter Replacement, Blower Improvements, and Cogeneration Facility projects.

The City posted the final ranking for the Yard Piping and Road Improvements Project owner’s advisor procurement and a Notice of Determination for the Headworks Improvements and New Headworks projects design-build procurement. The City also received a statement of qualifications for the Tunnel Rehabilitation Project design consultant procurement.

Seven CIP projects are under construction and made significant progress in August. The Digester Gas Compressor Upgrade and the Emergency Diesel Generators projects are now fully operational. Mobilization and preparation of equipment submittals continued on the Headworks Critical Improvements Project. Major construction activities continued on the Digester and Thickener Facilities Upgrade, Plant Instrument Air System Upgrade, Construction-Enabling Improvements, and Iron Salt Feed Station projects. On the Digester and Thickener Facilities Upgrade Project, the project team began to evaluate a design issue affecting the digester tanks’ seismic retrofit. Staff is anticipating that additional construction contingency will need to be added to the contract before the end of the calendar year.

The County recorded the City’s Notice of Completion and Acceptance for the Fiber Optic Connection Project. Staff also initiated the Flood Protection Project this month. The project will implement recommendations made in the 2016 Flood Protection Study to provide protection for the RWF against 100-year floods.

CIP Monthly Status Report – August 2017
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