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Stormwater Treatment Measures
Permanent Stormwater Treatment Features
Stormwater treatment features are typically specific landscape-based items such as rain gardens, swales or infiltration basins that capture pollutants and prevent them from reaching the storm drain. There are ways to build beautiful landscaping features to capture pollutants to keep them from reaching storm drains, creeks and rivers. The City will help you incorporate required stormwater treatment features into your project. Learn how to prevent creek erosion and build setbacks that protect waterways and the wildlife that live there. Visit the City's Planning, Building and Code Enforcement, Planning Division for more information.

Permanent Stormwater Treatment Features Required for Remodels or New Construction
Development Requirements
The State of California requires development projects of a certain size to incorporate stormwater treatment features to treat runoff for pollutants before it flows into the City’s storm drain system. Rain and irrigation water can pick up motor oil, solvents, litter, pesticides, and other pollutants as it flows over driveways, parking lots, sidewalks, roadways, landscaping, and rooftops. Pollutants are then washed into the storm drains, creeks, and the San Francisco Bay, harming fish, plants and wildlife that live there.

Post-Development Requirements
San José Municipal Code requires property owners to keep stormwater treatment features in good repair, and, as done in other cities, San José inspectors will periodically inspect them for proper operation and maintenance. Maintenance is essential to prevent features from flooding or providing habitat for mosquitoes and to ensure that stormwater runoff is being effectively treated. If you have stormwater treatment features on your property, review the following information on their proper maintenance and contact your City Environmental Inspector at (408) 945-3000 if you have questions.