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City Manager Norberto Dueñas 
Norberto Dueñas has served the City of San José since 1985 in a wide range of administrative positions in the City Manager’s Office, San Jose Redevelopment Agency, and Mayor and Council offices. He was appointed city manager by the City Council in May 2015 after becoming interim city manager in December 2014. Previously, Dueñas had served as deputy city manager since 2008 overseeing a wide range of neighborhood and community service functions including libraries, housing, and parks and recreation services. He also served as acting assistant city manager in 2014 overseeing day-to-day departmental operations and budgets.

Norberto has played a key leadership role in the City Manager’s Office to help the City organization adapt to a period of severe fiscal and service challenges while focusing on interdepartmental coordination and community partnerships to enhance efficiency and effectiveness. Over his career with the City, he has played key roles in supporting the Mayor’s Gang Prevention Task Force, City/Schools Collaborative, Strong Neighborhood Initiative, Downtown Partnerships, and Affordable Housing programs. He brings broad institutional and community experience and expertise along with a key ability to work with individuals and organizations from throughout San José. 

Under the San José City Charter, the city manager serves as the city’s chief administrative officer and reports directly to the City Council. The city manager is responsible for administration of day-to-day municipal operations and the implementation of council policies. The city manager is also responsible for overseeing San José’s $3 billion annual budget and the City’s 5,700 employee workforce.

Norberto is a graduate of San José State University with a bachelor’s degree in political science and a master’s in public administration. He is a resident of San José.